Wig Split


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    releases August 4, 2017

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releases August 4, 2017



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LUXGUE California


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Track Name: Dicked Dame
She's walking alone
and I can't believe she's so cheap
I've paid more before
and plus I can feel her heart beat
I've never wanted to paqkue somebody so bad
I've never wanted to suqkue somebody so bad
*so bad, so bad*

I've taken her home
I still can't believe this is real
I'm almost jizzing
just thinking about her nips feel
*on my dick*
I've never seen a girl's body
that looks quite like this
there's something not right
when I looked at her armpit

What have I done?
I think I sucked a guy's ween
He had on guy's jeans
but I just thought he was gaijin
*he wasn't gaijin*
Now I'm gonna have to be gay
for the rest of my life
Never thought I'd be the one
to be on that punk time
*oh well*

I'm gay
I'm gay
*wig split*
Track Name: Punk Time
Why.. Why do I like
to have Ryan Gosling movie night?
Does that make me gay?
Does that make me gay?

Why do I ride
with no seat on the stem of my bike?
Does that make me gay?
Or do I just like to play?

When my.. step daddy's home
I make sure my butt cheeks is shown
Does that make me gay?
That can't be gay.

When I'm takin a bath
I make sure to leave the door cracked.
So he can come in
and I can cum in.